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Mold spores are everywhere in our environment.  With the presence of moisture and oxygen mold spores attack and attempt to decompose any organic substance. Many materials used in the construction of your home are subject to attack by mold; Insulation, carpet, wood, drywall paper. Even concrete can be the target of natural mold decomposition. Many types of mold left undiscovered or unaddressed moisture problems turn to mold problems. Mold problems can cause hazardous health conditions in your home as well as structural damage to your home.  It’s a particular problem in the Pacific Northwest.


The key to mold control is moisture control and our proprietary EWA system (Extreme Water Abandonment – with Permanent Mold Control) provides a permanent and complete water and mold control solution, with a Lifetime Guarantee. WET BASEMENT SERVICES is a state licensed company that offers mold and moisture control, basement waterproofing and mold removal services to the greater Seattle area.

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