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Wet Basement Services

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Prepare For The Worse - $200 Off Basement Waterproofing
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Free Inspection and $200 Off

Basement Waterproofing Services

As the snow melts and the rain starts, its going to cause major water intrusion issues and we want you to be prepared.


1) Be sure to get a sump pump.
2) Get a shop vac ready.
3) Move all furniture and stored items.
4) When water intrusion starts, use the shop vac to vacuum up the water and be sure to dump the water out roughly five feet away from the downspout drainage pipe. (make sure the water stays on your property or directs to the street.)

5) You will also need fans or a dehumidifier to dry out the wet basement.


It’s always good to be prepared for the worse that’s yet to come.


Contact Wet Basement Services for a Free Estimate and Qualify for our $200.00 Off Promotion.