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Wet Basement Services

About Wet Basement Services

About Wet Basement Services

Wet Basement Services is the division of Greenwood International that deals specifically with wet basements and homes and mold related issues. The owner, Jerzy Radka, founded this division after his wife was diagnosed with cancer, directly related to mold in the home where she grew up. Embarking on a personal mission to help families realize the dangers of mold and the importance of addressing mold growth before it leads to serious health consequences, Jerzy created EWA, a one-of-a-kind PERMANENT mold-control system.


Wet Basement Services begins with stopping water problems, but the work doesn’t stop there… WBS addresses the real threat posed by un-abated water problems: mold and decay!


Jerzy realizes the importance of permanent mold control and wants to help as many families as possible avoid mold-related health tragedies – not only through his services but also through education and awareness. The WBS website provides a variety of educational materials. In addition, it offers FREE emergency water advice that connects users directly with Jerzy, whose master’s degree in engineering and decades of experience in dealing with mold issues makes him uniquely qualified to help.