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Wet Basement Services

Lawn Drainage Systems

Swampy Lawn?

Locally, drainage often poses a greater and more urgent need than irrigation. After examining the site and marshaling our in-depth knowledge of hydrology, local regulations and available products, we address the problems and realities. Here, too, we employ computer aided design to complement our real-world experience. The resulting solution – permanent,  automatic and trouble-free – might incorporate:


  • Footing drains or protective swales to conduct water around buildings
  • Pop-up drainage emitters, channel drains, and catch basins
  • Trench and curtain-wall drainage systems for areas large or small
  • Dispersal trenches, drywells and sump pumps for chronic problems
  • Sheet drains and wick drainage networks
  • Filter fabric to prevent clogging drainage gravel or pipes
  • Engineered “capillary breaks” that can lift water 30 feet


Wet Basement Services ingenuity keeps resources where they’re needed…and nowhere else.

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