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Wet Basement Services

Exterior Waterproofing

Leaky Basement?

Exterior waterproofing consists of excavating foundation walls to the bottom of the footings. Once excavated, the walls are covered with exterior membranes, like Delta or Mira drains, which expand drainage areas to all layers of the soil profile.


The dry walls may also be sealed with waterproofing solution. We also install new drainage pipes at the side of the footings, then cover them with P-gravel and drainage fabric. Exterior waterproofing provides the utmost protection against structural damage caused by water intrusion, but it’s more expensive – and can damage the surrounding landscaping, which requires restoration afterwards.

Exterior Waterproofing Wall Crack
Drainage Clog Exterior Waterproofing
Drainage Pipe Broken For Exterior Waterproofing
Old Exterior Waterproofing Pipe
New Exterior Waterproofing Drainage Pipe
Exterior Basement Waterproofing Finish